Quintin and Ron. Harper’s Bazar Magazine

QUINTIN AND RON (Quintin Perez & Ron Erick Odchigue) are a New York City based Beauty and Fashion Photographer Duo. Their work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, L'Officiel, Grazia, Nylon and more. The subject for this collaboration is an editorial contribution to Harper's Bazaar Arabia, shot at WINDOW FRANCE showroom in NY.

Sofitel - Nathalie Fedner

NATHALIE FEDNER  In collaboration with Window France, Nathalie Fedner transformed the Sofitel Los Angeles into a modish fashion maison for the holidays by using the extraordinary abstract mannequins - the Sketch Collection -  to showcase her artistic creations!

French Cowboy. Humain Trace

FRENCH COWBOY Collaboration - WINDOW FRANCE Mannequins seen through the eyes of French Cowboy.The Series "ALMOST HUMAN" by French Cowboy @french_cowboy was exhibited by Runway Gallery @runwaygallery in conjunction with Fashion Scout @fashionscout in London during Fashion Week at the Victoria House and by Runway Gallery in Harrogate at the Photo North Festival.

French Cowboy. IRK Magazine

FRENCH COWBOY is represented by 2 Art Angels at the Gallery Anne and Juste Jaekin in Paris. They exhibited their work in Paris, Megeve, Saint Tropez and Norway. They produce at least one shoot per issue for IRK Magazine and regular editorials for other progressive magazines. IRK Magazine is an independent Paris based art, photography and fashion printed magazine and digital platform. 

Each printed issue has a specific theme driving the editorial direction and the choice of contributors who create original pieces for the issue. For the Futurism issue French Cowboy, through IRK Magazine, contacted WINDOW FRANCE to create "Brand New". "We were inspired by the lifelike qualities of WINDOW FRANCE mannequins to create a story about a brand new humanoid mannequin or robot. In a near future, it will be possible to change one's eye color and today with plastic surgery to change completely your appearance and maybe in the future, you can change your appearance as easily as WINDOW FRANCE mannequins." Julien & Mia.

Ron Contarsy. Civilian Magazine

RON CONTARSY - Magazine editorial shoot at WINDOW FRANCE NYC. Photographed by Contarsy & Karecha for Highmark Studios.

Louisa Via Roma

LUISA VIA ROMA - customized SKETCH mannequins specially made for a special event organized by one of the top fashion destination in the world.