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custom made


Bespoke mannequins represents the majority of Window Mannequinʼs production, producing personalized creations for many of the worlds major fashion brands.
Many years of experience in producing bespoke products makes us an ideal partner for your mannequin projects. Creativity, quality, reliability and speed are some of the qualities that have earned us a privileged relationship with leading fashion brands.


CREATIVE TEAM - A team of designers, photographers, sculptors, technicians, 3D graphists, couturiers, hairdressers, dressers and stylists awaits you to turn your ideas into reality in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

PROTOTYPING - A unique specially adapted space with photographic studios, 3D scanning methods, 3D printing and etching facilities, sculpting ateliers as well as metal, wood and fibre glass workshops, enables us to cater for the prototyping of all your needs in a minimum amount of time, whether it be mannequins or decoration pieces for your displays. RELIABILITY

QUALITY - First and foremost Window is concerned about quality. Window products are renowned for the quality of their build and finish and is the backbone of the company philosophy. Window have pioneered build materials, fixings and coatings over the years resulting in beautifully finished end product that will last the test of time in your stores. This is backed up also by a rigorous quality control process before delivery.

CAPACITY - Window has a capacity of several thousands mannequins per month. Its 5 factories working in harmony can undertake the production of your mannequins, whatever the quantities or delay.

DEADLINES - Window are used to dealing with large orders and short deadlines. Our several factories can boost productivity to adapt to orders coupled by a team of logistic experts to make sure the products are delivered without delays and to multiple delivery points around the world.


Windowʼs philosophy has always been to be the economical choice to their customers.
When Window began making mannequins 30 years ago, the founder Jean Marc Mesguich decided to make a product that would offer the client the best quality/price ratio on the market. This principal has never changed and has participated in making Window a leader in the mannequin industry today.
Our production and sourcing knowhow allows us to produce at the most reasonable costs and enable the production of your projects within budget.